Who are the ambassadors of peace in the world?

Who are the ambassadors of peace in the world?

Among the crucial needs of all the inhabitants on the planet, peace is obviously the most fundamental one. Everyone needs peace and each one of us dream of living in it. As a result, several organizations have been set up and platforms have been established so that donations could be given in order to maintain peace. Beside this, those organizations and platforms have an international scope, with members all over the world to restore world peace.

One of those organisations is the Prem Rawat Foundation, whose goal is to settle peace all over the world. If you want more information, you can visit https://www.wopg.org/prem-rawat/. The foundation was named after Prem Rawat who has done a lot of work related to peace restoration as an ambassador of peace. As far as the other defenders of peace are concerned, what exactly are their main functions?

International agents

After holding several summits for the world peace, as well as peace talk negotiations in many regions, the idea to appoint ambassadors of peace came to mind. The first initiative from the ambassadors of peace was launched in 2001. A group was created, and it was composed of many members from many different countries.

The group members formed the ambassadors of peace, who have eventually become the defenders of peace. Some of them will become messengers of peace, while the others are ambassadors of peace.

A very big network

The ambassadors of peace are sent to many countries in different parts of the world to accomplish their roles. Even so, there is a close-knit network which connects them together. The network transmits information to its members, all members liaise with each other and then impose their influence on each country.

The members of the network are called “the artisans of peace”. They act as peace brokers who make sure that peace is maintained before doing anything else. Whether it is an action for development, a conflict among countries or armed conflicts, the network created by the ambassadors of peace will do everything to preserve world peace.

Peace activists

Those ambassadors of peace play several roles. First, they are deeply involved in case of a conflict among some countries, and try to reconcile the countries. This means they address to each leader of the countries and persuade them that peace is vital in the world.

Moreover, they will set up another network which will connect all the leaders of the different countries in the world so as to conduct discussions on peace. Therefore, peace ambassadors act specially to restore peace, and to maintain peace.

Qualified people

The defenders of peace are required to have special qualifications before they could serve as ambassadors. The qualifications are issued by the Universal Peace Federation or FPU. To qualify, it is essential for the candidate to agree to the points of view and objectives of the FPU.

Beside this, the member has to be recommended by a reference within the FPU so as to fully become a member of the defenders of peace. The candidate has to be a leader, who deserves to represent peace, and who can persuade people to defend it.