Zoom on the past actions of the UNO

13 Oct 2019
Photo Zoom on the past actions of the UNO

The geopolitics of the world today questions the preservation of what is known as mutual peace. The balance of power among some countries creates a threat to peace; so, they have to be interrupted. That is the reason for the existence of the UNO. It is an international organization which aims at maintaining global peace.

Like the UNO, the Prem Rawat Foundation is an association in favor of peace; it was created by Prem Rawat, a defender of peace who named the association after him. It works to sustain peace and adopts the point of view of the UNO.

Here is a zoom on the recent activities of UNO

"Peacekeeping" effort

After a high-level meeting which took place on 25 September 2018, the UNO opted to choose a specific tool for the conservation of mutual peace. It consists of taking actions to ensure peace. 140 countries agreed to get involved in that action along with the global and regional organizations contribution.

The objectives are not only to reinforce the coherence among member states, but also to create an agreement among those member countries, to bring their share in the collective effort in favor of mutual peace.

Peace restoration

Despite the signed agreement, charts and peace treaties, threats have never been too far; therefore, it is a high priority to stay alert. Since a number of conflicts has occurred, the UNO was compelled to enter on stage and restore peace. Thanks to its interventions, several conflicts have terminated.

Whether it was re-established indirectly through diplomacy, or directly through the use of force, the effort has decreased large-scale conflicts. A case in point is the north-south conflict between Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burundi and Soudan.

Fight against nuclear proliferation

Owing to the arms race, superpowers and emerging countries have procured themselves with nuclear weapons. In case a nuclear war broke down, agents from the UNO start working and inspecting the nuclear bases of each country. The inspection aims to check and make sure that the use of nuclear arms will not harm mutual peace.

Equally, the UNO seeks to reduce the exploitation of any nuclear weapon in their actions, since its usage can never be for peace.

Struggle against terrorism

In order to protect the civilians, the militaries and the security in each country, the UNO have become engaged in the fight against terrorism. It takes the lead in the effort to put an end or at least to reduce terrorism since the organization is composed of any countries.

Since 2006, the UNO have adopted an anti-terrorist program, which deals with tentative acts of terrorism and terrorist threats. Various strategies have been set up to reduce terrorist acts. The UNO always has to take the lead in solving terrorism-related issues in the world, including bomb attacks, kidnapping, or airplane hijacking.