What courses of action to take for peace restoration?

14 Oct 2019
Photo What courses of action to take for peace restoration?

Living in a peaceful society is crucial for the population of the earth. On the world scale index, peace can be defined as the entente or understanding among nations in the world, where conflicts, war and violence do not happen. Following the two world wars, it has become a priority to ensure that peace is preserved and that another war won't break out, because both previous wars had disastrous impacts.

Moreover, an ambassador of peace named Prem Rawat transmits messages to the world to restore harmony and to persuade people about its importance, while also inciting them to do good actions for the promotion of peace worldwide. For the same purpose, the Prem Rawat foundation was created. As a result, it is a priority advisable to keep peace.

Actions taken to preserve harmony in the world

A high level symposium concerning the action to reinforce peace

The peacekeeping actions all over the world were initiated by the UNO. More precisely, the effort is designed to preserve and ensure sustainable peace. The symposium was held on September 25, 2018, at the office of the UN General Secretary. The main objective of the UNO is to gear the political commitment of its member countries toward the preservation of mutual peace.

The meeting was chaired by the UN General Secretary, and involved the participation of the 140-member States, as well as international and regional organizations.

The announcement of common commitment

Declared on July 11, and then reinforced on July 25, 2018, member States signed their commitment which took place at the UN General Secretary's office. In other words, the member States of the UNO signed an agreement concerning the respect of mutual peace.

The signatures will entail members to partake into collective actions which intend to reinforce peace treaties and other agreements which focus on peace restoration.

Thematic consultations for peace

In order to keep a peaceful world, 5 thematic consultations have been organized under the leadership of the UN General Secretary at its headquarters.

First, the peace consolidation effort will promote actions which reinforce world peace. In addition, the performance will be based on global security and on the protection of humanity as a whole.

Consultations on individuals will focus more on the protection of civilians. As far as political consultation is concerned, its highlight will be on the political points of view related to peace conservation.

Finally, partners will focus more attention on the coherence among member countries concerning the definition and preservation of peace.

The different principles

Among the peacekeeping efforts, three other principles to reinforce global security and mutual peace-keeping effort have been identified. These include consent among parties, impartiality, and refraining from the use of force, unless in case of legitimate defense.

The objectives of the principles are to create a common viewpoint among all member States of the UNO. Before putting the action into effect. However, it is essential to start by getting the approval of everybody.